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The industrial bar chair

The industrial bar chair
7 December, 2020

Before sitting down on this one, you have to be interested in this style and imagine how the designers came to make decorative objects from industrial creation in all these states.

Unlike natural products, it is man through his work who created industrial products.

A know-how and a good dose of ingenuity to invent and shape everything related to industry.First a line drawing, then the application in a workshop with tools allowing to work the different materials that , after being manufactured, left the factories in all areas, which would be really too long to detail in this blog. These machines made it possible to produce in large quantities, but always from a prototype designed and drawn by man.
We believe that it is partly thanks to all these references that the idea has come to imagine industrial decorative furniture by using the materials and the ways of machining them.
The lofts have been used a lot for industrial furniture, partitions by glass and metal elements are also present in today's decor and all that remained was to put the furniture in place.
The decorators also wanted to mix this industrial furniture with more classic furniture and it is really a success.
With this pure chair produced with an industrial look with its metal, these polished and rectified facets will place it in front of the bar of your choice and will match all styles of decoration. The Liberator industrial bar stool from the Aviator Furniture range is a concrete example. It uses the codes of industrial seats with a resolutely aeronautical look with its aluminum facets riveted in the style of an airplane cabin.
                                                                  Aviator bar stool - aviator bar chair Liberator - Meuble Aviateur
A height-adjustable seat, a swivel aviator chair, a comfortable seat make it the ideal bar chair with an industrial style recognizable at first glance.
Industrial decoration will not disrupt other styles, it has its strengths by highlighting its vintage aspect its slightly raw sides and its colors or very bright or rather dark.
The lofts have found the spirit of workshops without ceilings where everything is visible, metal frame, beams, pipes, piping, electricity and various networks. This playfulness for industrial furniture has largely gone beyond these spaces and is now quite a good figure in homes of all styles.
These industrial furniture will sit equally well on beautiful parquet, tiling, polished concrete or stone cladding.
You can be sure of the result, so dare the industrial chair in your living room near the bar and create a very successful atmosphere.
The aviator industrial bar stool can be integrated, like all aviator armchairs and industrial sofas, into any type of interior whether they are modern, design or classic by bringing a certain originality without distorting the spirit. These "chameleon" furniture have the strength and advantage of being able to adapt to the already existing atmosphere.

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