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How to choose your Aviator style chair ?

How to choose your Aviator style chair ?
18 January, 2021

The must-have aviator chair appeared in the postwar years after a shortage of raw materials to design furniture. Some manufacturers of the time then began to take parts belonging to Spitfires to create furniture, including the famous aviator chair.

Spitfire plane in flight Aviator's Cabinet

Besides its appearance, which is the first criterion of choice, nothing is to be left to chance when buying such as its comfort, its color, its shape but also its model.


Different models of armchairs have also appeared in order to please all tastes but also to adapt to the decoration that surrounds it. Among these we can find:

The Aviator Chair:

This armchair originally has a brown leather seat, its shell covered with riveted aluminum or is inspired by aircraft cabins with its seat and armrests that seem to form one.

Its style remains elegant and refined, which can be combined with a so-called "Gentleman" decoration which constitutes the essence of Aviator Furniture.

             Aviator armchair club style Fortress 

The Club Chair:

From the English clubs of the 20th century and most often offered with a brown or black leather seat, this armchair takes us back to the 1930s with its vintage style. Its primary functionality is to be comfortable for its owner with its enveloping and "rounded" side.

Its leather requiring cleaning can crack over time, which can give the chair a rustic style. Similar to the aviator chair, its seat is covered with riveted aluminum.

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Aero-club aviator armchair brown leather

The Egg or Ball Armchair:

Appeared in the 1960s, where the original shapes made their appearance

in interior decoration. This armchair has the particularity of having an egg-shaped seat giving the air of a cocoon, which can even pivot on itself! However, we find the characteristic elements of the aviator chair, namely brown leather.

Aviator egg ball chair - Avenger - Aviator Furniture


Originally, the aviator chair had a full grain cowhide leather upholstery, known to retain its premium quality after being tanned, or vintage leather which has improved over the years. Today, if we want to stay in the vintage atmosphere, it is essential to favor quality with Italian leather ... Which has the additional advantage of being very resistant and therefore easy to maintain, which makes a recommended item when buying a leather chair.

Over time, several models of aviators' chairs have appeared, notably in black leather as well as fabric, evolving this post-war classic. It is therefore easier to make a choice according to your tastes but also to the decoration of your home so that your armchair matches it perfectly.

The color of your armchair is an essential criterion on which to reflect, many options are open to you so that it is linked to your interior, colors such as brown, black, red or any other color that s' according to your desires. The choices remain more varied for the fabric with more modern colors such as pink, beige and gray or even green.

Aviator leather armchair grisphoto of an armchair by bejary


Comfort when buying a club chair is key, but it is also very personal! Several criteria allow you to get an idea: the backrest, the seat but also the way you want to sit in your chair. But the comfort remains specific to each one!

The backrest and its shape make it possible to match your interior whether it is high, for more comfort or small, in order to have a more modern side. This will allow it to adapt to your interior volumes.

The firm seat is more often found among older models with a much more flexible and accommodating seat for you, the choice is yours. The main goal is to feel comfortable but also seated in your chair.

You will understand, it is difficult to navigate among all this selection!

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