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18 May, 2021
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Des meubles aviateur design, indispensable et de qualité   Apparus dans les années 50, après la seconde guerre mondiale, ...
19 April, 2021
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Le design mobilier se transforme au fil de grands courants artistiques…Et certains styles semblent être indémodables ! Parmi c...
9 March, 2021
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Dans les années 50, le canapé aviateur commence à sortir des cercles fermés des salons d’aéroclubs pour s’inviter dans les maiso...
3 February, 2021
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Après l’apparition du fauteuil club dans les années 30, ce dernier s’est transformé après la guerre en intégrant des bouts d’épave...
18 January, 2021
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The must-have aviator chair appeared in the postwar years after a shortage of raw materials to design furniture. Some manufacturer...
7 December, 2020
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THE INDUSTRIAL BAR CHAIRBefore sitting down on this one, you have to be interested in this style and imagine how the designers cam...
7 November, 2020
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InspirationsThe aviator furniture is inspired by the planes of the Second World War by taking up rounded shapes, materials such as...
3 November, 2020
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The Aviator Apple Ball Chair takes up the aeronautical style of the glory years of aviation with its riveted aluminum coating and...
23 February, 2020
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The aviator furniture is the result of an avant-garde idea of ​​post-war recycling when raw materials are scarce. Unable to supply...

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