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The aviator armchair, is designed today, but made in the spirit of the golden age of aeronautics by using the riveted polished aluminum of aircraft cabins to dress the hulls and upholstery in leather or imitation leather of the seats according to your choice.

Multiplied or isolated, these club, chesterfield and design aviator armchairs will fit into any modern or classic interior style. In different shapes, the choice will be based on the desire, the imagination and the desire of everyone to bring the space of their interior to life and give it an original industrial vintage touch.

Inviting you to travel, the aviator chair with its aerodynamic shapes in club, chesterfield or design style is handcrafted on wood or fiberglass structures, high density polyurethane foams for better seating and riveted aluminum in the manner of fuselages. Lockheed or Spitfire planes.

You can match them with aviator sofas and aviator tables to form lounges full of originality and design. These leather and aluminum armchairs are handmade.

Cyclone aviator cup chair Cyclone aviator cup chair

Cyclone aviator cup chair

399.00€ Ex Tax: 332.50€

The Cyclone riveted metal aviator armchair with its round aluminum-wrapped seat shell and leather up..

Aviator Avenger Egg Ball chair Aviator Avenger Egg Ball chair

Aviator Avenger Egg Ball chair

1,199.00€ Ex Tax: 999.17€

The Avenger aviator egg ball chair is composed of a shell covered with aluminum riveted by hand on a..

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